Image resizing in wordpress blog

I always have a hard time resizing images to post in my blog. I am no professional web designer I don’t find myself comfortable knowing the perfect size every time.

I was just checking out my blog and I came across this fine plugin, nCode Image Resizer, that resizes the images using the javascript without changing the actual properties of the images. It only resizes the images if they are larger than  the value you have put in the setting of the plugin.

ncode image resizer setting 

This plugin also give the visitors a option to see images in full size buy showing a bar above the images, clicking on which image shoes up in actual size.

ncode image resizer

I am not giving a link to download page. If you want to install plugin go to “add plugin” option in your blog and search for “nCode image resizer” (without the quotes) and you will find it. Click install and done.



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