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Jack of all trades type of guy. A physician by education but trying to find a way in tech world. Can code in PHP, JAVA, Python. Javascript, Lua, and Dart.

Using Windows Livewriter

I have been using windows livewriter to post to this blog and my other blogs for a short time and actually I am loving it. The Best thing I like about using livewriter as blog editing tool is how quickly we can start working on the blog post idea.

Big bloggers always give an advice that as soon as you conceive an idea in your brain you should start working on it. You should first write an idea as a draft after which you can do all your research and later you can turn that draft post into a master copy by editing it and putting all the useful information in it to publish on your blog. With livewriter following this advice of masters become so easy.

If you use wordpress inbuilt blog editing tool you will have to wait to complete the following steps to start working on your idea:

1. Open your web browser.

2. Enter the URL of your blog’s login page.

3. Fill the login details.

4. Enter blog dashboard.

5. Click on the “New Post” link

6. Wait for the editing window to load fully.

7. Start writing blog post.

Only after completing all these steps you will be able to start putting your blog post idea into action. Like most of the bloggers you may be a part time or hobby blogger and if you are tired enough you wont feel comfortable doing all these steps and let the idea go without putting it into action or keep the idea for acting on later ( and later forget).

If you are using windows live writer here is what you have to do to start writing your blog post:

1. Start the livewriter.

2. Start writing.

that’s it.  See how easy it is to put your idea into action with livewriter.

windows livewriter

Another useful feature of livewriter is it downloads all the theme files from your blog and store them locally and present to you a look that gives you a feeling as you are writing post directly on your home page or your blog post page. It relieves the tension a bit that we have about the blog that how is the blog post going to look on the blog. Repetitive previewing and editing is not required so it saves your valuable time too.

Windows live writers have a lots of plugins that you can download and install for free and use them to give more life to your posts.

If you want to use windows live writer here is the link where you can download windows livewriter free.


Rajeev Verma

Jack of all trades type of guy. A physician by education but trying to find a way in tech world. Can code in PHP, JAVA, Python. JavaScript, Lua, and Dart.

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