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Jack of all trades type of guy. A physician by education but trying to find a way in tech world. Can code in PHP, JAVA, Python. Javascript, Lua, and Dart.

Best Newsletter service?

For few days I have been looking at the various newsletter services to decide which one to signup for. Most of them are too costly for any starting blogger. I collected the price charts of some services to compare them all at one place. That makes deciding which one is right for us. I am putting them here so it can help someone in search of something like this.

I know there are many other services too but I am listing only those from where I get regular emails as most of my favourite bloggers and marketers use them.

Aweber: Aweber is the most renowned of all the email newsletter services. Its known for its by far the best delivery rates. Its plans starts from 19$ per month. Here is the price chart for aweber:

aweber price chart

iContact: iContact claims that they have most number of email templates but I dont think anyone with a solid business in mind care much about flashy designs. Simple and sober designs are most liked ones.

iContact have a serious drawback. On basic plans they allow to send a limited amount of emails. The number of email that we can send per month is calculated as six times the number of subscribers. For example if you have 600 subscribers then you can only send 6*600 ie 3600 emails per month. I dont think that  restriction is good for any business.

Here is the price chart for icontact:

icontact price chart

Vertical Response: Vertical response has 2 types of payment plans. First one is monthly plan like all other newsletter services. Here is the chart for monthly plans:

vertical response price chart monthly

Second type of plan from vertical response is “Pay as you go” plan. In pay as you go plan you only have to pay for the emails you have sent. Its on per email basis or per 1000 email calculation. If you have sent 0 email in a month then you dont have to pay anything. It may be good for few but not for most marketers. The craedits you have purchased must be consumed in 12 month period or it will expire. Here is the chart for cost per email in this plan:

vertica lresponse pay as you go price list

Constant contact: If you look at the front page of constant contact you won’t feel like signing up for their service. The site look so old that it gives a feeling as no one works around there. And one thing more to look at. They have small line written below the price list that says ” Taxes extra”.  Here is the price chart:


Prosender: This service is little unknown. I came to know about it when I recieved emails from johncow.com without signing up for their newsletter and still recieving those emails even after I have unsubscribed. People at comment kahuna also uses this service. Their prices are exact copy of aweber so I dont think their is any benefit in signig up to this service if they are not giving you some special benefit like allowing you to spam as they have given to johncow.com ( read carefully, its not Johnchow.com).

Here is the price chart:

prosender price chart

If I have to decide I would definitely go for aweber simply because they have made such a great reputation,  are tested by many and it gives more value for money.


Rajeev Verma

Jack of all trades type of guy. A physician by education but trying to find a way in tech world. Can code in PHP, JAVA, Python. JavaScript, Lua, and Dart.

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