Why should I search on Cuil.com?

Amit Agrawal from Digital inspiration writes about the search engine cuil which was do founded by people who worked for google in past. Cuil owners claimed that they have indexed 3 million more pages than google. This search engine was on all the news sources at the time of launch and started with all the bells and whistles but now google trends shows the search engine who created so much of noise is now itself crawling on knees instead of crawling other pages on the net. Its not showing any growth in number of searches. Rather decline is seen.
To me it wont show much of improvement in near future. Why? Because people like me will never search on cuil. Its interesting to see, my blogs comes on top of search results in google, yahoo search, MSN live search, altavista for many keywords but they are not even indexed by cuil. Another thing that amazes me more is that my analytics shows cuil crawler visits my blogs regularly. If that crawler dont index anything then i wonder what it do on my blogs. And where those extra 3 million pages came from in cuil index?
If pages from blogs of blogger like me who knows about cuil will not search on it then how will the normal internet user will use cuil who dont even know about it.
One small thing, cuil page dont fit in opera mini mobile browser until its set to mobile view. And in mobile view cuil result page looks awful.



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