Which ad copy is better?

google-adwordsZac johnson from www.zacjohnson.com wrote about the the types of ad copies that are targeted either toward clicks or toward sale. Here ad copies are refered to the advertisement shown via google adword. He used the following example:

He mentioned the ad from projectpayday.com as the strategy to go after the clicks that includes getting the visitors signed up to receive newsletter or joining mailing list. Where as he sees the ad copy from sixfigureincomeforu.com as going after the instant sale.

This post made me think about what is better between the two. Later ad copy gives you opportunity to earn some instant income while the first one give you opportunity to have a constant contact with the visitor so you can make them buy your product later.

I actually like the first ad copy ( rather say the marketing strategy) more because it gives following advantages over the later one:

1. You get the permanent contact information from the visitor.

2. You have more than one chance of getting the vistor interested in your product. In my view that can lead to better possibility of sale as a study on online buyers have shown that it takes on an average  4 encounters with the product to make a buyer really interested in buying.

3. You can sale more than one product to the visitor as you have got his permission to send him newsletter. If the visitor is not interested in one product, you can always sale him another. More sale more income 😈

4. You can make the visitors your permanent buyers as your repeated offering of interesting products can get them interested in your offerings. They will then look at not so interesting products with attention because they believe on you.

5. If the visitors dont show interest in your products then you always have a chance of getting their feed back.
So you can later offer them product of their choice.

Which ad copy you like more?



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