The moment I knew I am in love.

Every night i go to bed, yawn and goes to sleep.
In morning open my eyes yawn and here i go to routines.
One night,
i didnt yawned,
never got into sleeping.
In the morning,
no yawns either,
something was changed,
i was confused,
then it hit me,
I was smiling..
That very moment a dream crawled into my eyes and touched my soul.
I still has that dream,
i am still smiling,
i am still in love..



One Response to “The moment I knew I am in love.”

  1. Dev.
    September 1, 2008 at 8:09 pm #

    Nice post dude.

    kas kissi se hume bhi pyaar hota kas koi hamare bhi sapno me aaya hota ,,,, kya kare ye kas kabhi hamare sath nahi hota…

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