Starting a blog entry : for new bloggers

Myself and most of the new blogger have problem when they start a blog. What to write? How to start? This problem solves by itself after writing few entries. But for new bloggers its a big problem. They find themselves sitting on their chair blankly staring at the screen and wondering what to write. The only solution for this problem is to just start writing without thinking much or you will get confused and will not be able to write a single word. If you have something in mind to write on, thats very good. But if you are not decided in mind about the topic them best thing would be to read something on your favourite blogger and then find out what you think about whatever he/she has written. Now you are set to write your blog entry. Just write down your thoughts in your own blog in your own words but remember not to copy. It will affect your own capability. Just believe in yourself is the key to write good content. No one is perfect at first but with practice improvement in your work will be seen.
If you are not able to type your words fast enough then it would be better you write your content on a paper and then type it. This helps because if you speed in typing is not in pace with your thinking than flow of your thoughts will be disturbed and you will not be able to write properly what you are thinking.
Happy blogging.



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