Quality is never an accident

My neighbours are getting their house whitewashed and because of the drops of paint scattered all over my terrace it was looking messed up. I told whitewashers to clean it my they were not listening to me. I forced them to do it today. A guy Neeraj came to do it. When he was doing it I observed him, he wanted paint to just disappear by working hard at each and every drop. I say he has fire within him to do thing properly. He worked hard until he had done the cleaning to his liking even when i was telling him to leave some drops if they are hard to remove.
When he finished I told him he has done a wonderful job and i really liked it. He just got blushed as he was being praised for the first time in his life. I further told him to do 2 things. First, as you are a hard working guy never ever compromise with the quality of work. Second, start your own business as soon as you can or your boss will spoil you by making you do things quickly rather than properly.
Whenever you see someone doing his work good, never resist yourself from praising him. You never know your words may change someone’s life. I did my job, rest depends on him. May god give him lots of success in his life.



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