Nakvi ji, come to me. I have a shoe, to beat you..

Mukhtar Abbas Nakvi, one of top leader belonging to BJP and a script writer who wrote script of Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie “corporate”. He compared the people who are showing their anger against terrorism and our system with the terrorist from jammu and kashmir.
He is saying this when public need support from their leaders. Instead of supporting them he is doing insult to the injury.
He said few women puts lipstic and powder on face and few men wearing suits goes to street and show their anger are all doing same things as terrorists.
I ask him he sees redness of lipstic of women but why he dont see the redness of blood that our military personal spilled their. He sees powder on cheeks of women but why he dont see tears on same cheeks and eyes. He sees suits on men showing their anger but why he dont see the holes made by passing bullets in the jackets of police men who died.
Nakvi ji please come here i have a wet shoe to beat you on your head.



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