Mumbai terrorist attack: dont make it a joke this time

Terrorism again struck mumbai. Its very difficult situation for every indian and the world. We all should pray for the safety of every individual there. Like me most of the indian must be thinking same way. Yes its very bad but there are few things that will make it even worse:
1. At this time news channels are showing 3 police officer have lost their lives up till now. It would be terrible if someone like Amarsingh start saying that the encounter was fake and these police officers are killed due to their own mistake. He has done same in delhi encounter case.
2. BJP will start to make it a point against congress in the elections that are coming this week. Pls foot do that. This is the time to rise against terrorism and not to blame each other.
3. News channels may make it chance to increase their TRP and their advertising earnings. Pls do your duty and not all things you do to earn.
4. News channels should not make it a joke. They are used to make every thing a joke even most sensible issues.
5. Government should not act only because they have pressure on them. They should act voluntrily and should act strictly. If some organisations like human rights says them to stay lenient with terrorist, just dont listen to them at all.

At this frame of mind i am not able to write more. Pls pray for safety of every individual in trouble there.



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