How to Make your Windows Boot Faster

This software is not available now.

Its really frustrating if it takes a long time for our computer to boot.

When you install windows first it starts in no time but later it slows up with usage.


Its because of the applications and program we install during our usage. These applications and services also start during windows startup and the extra time these programs takes also add up in the windows startup time. If you can trim the list of programs and services then you windows will start faster.

Now the good news!

There is one software that has made it too easy to tune your computer boot faster. This software is easy to use and you are not required to know a lot of technical tricks. I used  this software and decreased my windows boot time from 2.15 min to 1.00 min. This program is known as Soluto. You can know more about it on its website and download it for free.


After you install Soluto it will make a list of programs that are starting during the boot and sort them under following 3 types:

1. No Brainer: These programs are usually not required at startup and should remove them.

2. Potentially removable: These programs can be removed provided you know what these programs do and you need them or not.

3. Required: These programs are essential for windows. I suggest do not touch them.

You will have following options for these programs:

1. Pause: If you choose this option the program you have selected will be removed from windows startup.

2. Delay: This option will not remove the application but will make it start after the windows boot has completed and your computer is idle.

Soluto removeWhen you hover your mouse over the application it will show the time in seconds the program takes while startup.

After you have made the required changes you can restart your computer and observe the faster boot time.

Write about your experience with this progam in the comments below and tell us how much time you have cut down.



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