How to make a browser toolbar

How to build a browser toolbar? The question arised in my mind 2 days ago and being a medical student i didn’t had a clue how that can be achieved. I started searching for it on google and found some tutorials and few services which can help us have our own toolbar.
First service i found was Its a fine service where you just have to fill up a sign or form and you have your own custom toolbar. After making your toolbar you can custom it to your demands by the various add ons they have to offer. The toolbar finally made is automatically updated in all the browsers where it is installed. You can update it any time in future too and all the toolbars will be adapted accordingly. They offers toolbars both for internet explorer and firefox. The toolbar i made can be downloaded from here.
The other service i found is This service ask you to download their toolbar and then you have to create an xml file to make the toolbar look according to your needs. For distributing your toolbar you have to make your users to download their toolbar and then your xml file. The process can be eased by making a url which makes the user download their toolbar and the xml file with a single click. The process is complicated and i want to make a genuine toolbar and not a xml file so i didnt used their service to make a toolbar.
Now i am reading few tutorials to learn how to make a toolbar for firefox, a genuine add on toolbar for firefox. When i have success doing it i will share with you how to do it steps by step. So keep an eye on this blog or subscribe to my RSS feeds by your favourite RSS reader or subscribe by Email



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