Few good and few bad things that happened to us in recent times

Good: We got reality shows on tv.
Bad: We got more and even more and even more and more and more..

Good: We got great emotional tv soaps.
Bad: We got more emotions and more and now we see them as cartoon shows.

Good: We got good comedy movies to chill with our families seeing them.
Bad: Movies got more and more vulgar and now our blood freeze when such movie starts while we see tv with our family.

Good: We got independent media and news channels.
Bad: They got really independent and now they have become independent detectives. Now somehow they know more than the culprit and even the victims.

Good: We got great politicians to drive our country to future.
Bad: Our politician started to drive alone in cars they would not have been able to buy in future and we are waiting for buses.

Good: We got a great music director as Himesh Reshamiya.
Bad: He started singing.
Worst: He started thinking he is an actor.
Even worst: He acts now.
Worst than worst: Some people like him act.
Worst than double worst: Now he comes in above mentioned movies, reality shows, tv serials and news channels.
Best: He has not joined any political party yet.
O’ God! Please bless us by not giving him idea of becoming a politician. I cant see him again in cap, a politician’s cap.



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  1. Sanjeev
    November 25, 2008 at 12:28 am #

    Ameen.. đŸ˜‰
    Good one man. :))

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