Faster Server

Many of you sent me email as this blog was down for couple of days. This was because I was using shared hosting and the large amount of visitor this blog and my other blogs and forum were attracting was far more than the shared server can handle so the server came down.

As soon as the loyal readers of this and my other blogs started complaining about the slow loading speed or complete stoppage of services I worked quickly and moved this blog to a VPS ( Virtual Private Server).

Selecting a nice server provider requires doing some deep studies or you can end up purchasing a server that can lead to more headache. Doing the study took few more hours but we are Up and Running again and you can also see the huge improvement  in the page loading speed.

You may want to know what server provider I am using now. This blog is on VPS.

servint fast server

As I was doing the study I stressed a lot on the the quality of support the server provider is offering and I noticed all of the users of Servint gave them thumbs up. After purchasing the server I have few email conversation with support and I always got their replies within minutes of creating a ticked. Looks good till now.



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