Dumb vs intelligents.

Its 2 O’clock night and i am sitting in my car parked in my porch. Why am i sitting in the car at this time? That’s because some dumb people of my colony have organized the so called “Devi Jagran”. For those readers who don’t know what this devi jagran is i would like to explain that it is a small event in which a musical troop sings songs mainly praising the god all night. People take this as an opportunity to reminding themselves of god. But what about people who like to work and not to waste precious time in reminding god that we still remember him. Wouldn’t god be more happy if we do our duties more efficiently utilizing this time. In my opinion god will be more happy if we just tell a lie less than what we used to tell. But leave it.

Now the better part. What i found while listening to those songs and prayers sung by the artists. Seeing the number of people standing there, listening to the songs without even thinking about what the time is and what they can make out of this time, i am convinced that these are the people on whom intelligent ones thrive. These people never gets aware of the fact that someone is making a lot because they are not doing anything to get their share. The intelligent one keeps their share and becomes more favorable to get more. I know these people will never realize this fact and the intelligent people who realize will make fortune of these dumb people. I will not like myself standing in the group of those dumb people but i will definitely be happy being one of those intelligent.
Lets see now how many of you gets into the depth of this fact and start to walk on the right path and make their fortune and how many of you are going to click on the close tab cursing me on this thought of mine.



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