History of Mobile OS

This time I got this question about Android Os. So here is what I explained. As we use windows operating system(OS) on our PCs, mobile phone works on various OS. This OS thing is the big  difference...
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norton antivirus

Download Norton Antivirus free

Want original Norton Antivirus without purchasing and that too from Norton’s original website? Norton is testing its new version of antivirus and is giving away it for no cost. Get Norton...
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Faster Server

Many of you sent me email as this blog was down for couple of days. This was because I was using shared hosting and the large amount of visitor this blog and my other blogs and forum were attracting was...
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Who signed up on facebook because of you

For a long period I have been on facebook and I have forgotten how I first reached facebook. I dont remember who invited me to facebook or I myself typed the web address. Like me most of you might also...
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Which Web Browser you use?

Most of the people use a single web browser for their all online activities but as a webmaster I need to check my websites in all the major browsers available for compatibility testing. Not just for compatibility...
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Happy Deepawali to all!

Happy deepawali to all Rajeev Verma’s notebook reader..
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Image resizing in wordpress blog

I always have a hard time resizing images to post in my blog. I am no professional web designer I don’t find myself comfortable knowing the perfect size every time. I was just checking out my blog...
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Toshiba satellite

Finally I got a computer!

Most of you have seen my this blog, my other blogs, my youngistaan forums but not many of you know, while making all of those I never had a computer. I build, published, marketed them all from mobile phone...
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