Dr. Rajeev Verma
Jack of all trades type of guy. A physician by education but trying to find a way in tech world. Can code in PHP, JAVA, Python. Javascript, Lua, and Dart.

Category: Miscellaneous

Quality is never an accident

My neighbours are getting their house whitewashed and because of the drops of paint scattered all over my terrace it was looking messed up. I told...

Adsense earning

Whole numbers makes me feel real good. And if these whole numbers show up in adsense, it feels awesome. Look at the screenshot taken from mobile.

Buying a new computer?

Whether to buy a PC or a mac? A laptop or a desktop? Whenever we think of buying a new computer these are the first quetions...

Someone loves me

When life gets tough and it needs me to bend a bit, i bend. When life gets tougher and needs me to kneel down, i kneel...