Buying a new computer?

Whether to buy a PC or a mac?

A laptop or a desktop?
Whenever we think of buying a new computer these are the first quetions that arise in our mind.
There are lot of choices available in market and that too in so vast range that getting confused is obvious. You can get a PC in as low as 250$ but it might not give you what you are really looking for. Not doing enough research can lead anyone buying a computer that is totally incompatible to the needs.
With the rise of so many PC reviewing sites, one can find a nice computer easily. Many of these sites review product on their own interest but sometime these sites get paid for reviewing the product and telling the visitor that a product is worth buying but in reality the product is not that good. If you are thinking of buying a computer on the advice of these sites then think twice.
In search of finding a site that can tell me what a good computer should have I came across a site This site explains everything that a customer should know about latest computers before buying one. It explain what are the pros and cons of budget PCs, media center PCs, Workhorse PCs and high end machines. Shopwiki further tells about the layout of computers like compact cases, standard and mini towers.
If you are a gaming fan and want to buy a gamer PC, at shopwiki you will find everything you need to know about gamer PCs and the suggestions about the companies where you can find the computer of your dream, so you can buy it easily.
This is not all Shopwiki also have some video review to watch onlline. Video reviews can help know computer in much more depth than knowing it by reading or having a look at pic of computers. For more you can visit their site at



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