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My friends often ask me how i made these sites , , . I
know these sites are not big ones to wonder about but my friends find
them interesting because i am not a person who is supposed to make
sites like these. I am not a techy person. I am from the field where
most of the people know nothing more than emailing, chatting and
orkutting on internet. I am a medical student. And being an medical
student in india is more than a full time job.
As answer to my friend’s questions i just say that interest and proper
resources are the keys for my becoming a webmaster beside being a
medical student.
Interest is inherent but proper resources are the thing which we have
to search for. I got those resources and put them together to become a
web master. Like me you all can also make a site or more if you like
to. With our free web hosting service you can make
your own site like or you can setup your own
wordpress blog easily. Just visit and sign up and
you will instantly get your account activated, log in to your cpanel
and you can upload your own site or install any of the many scripts
like wordpress, mambo,joomla etc. from the automatic installer through
the control panel. If you have any problem you can create an ticket
and your problem will be solved asap. Try it.



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