Dr. Rajeev Verma
Jack of all trades master of none type of guy. A physician by education but trying to find a way in tech world. Can code in PHP, JAVA, Python. Javascript, Lua, and Dart. Can develop websites, web-apps, and android apps.

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Attitude matters

Soldier : “Sir,we are surrounded by enemies on all sides.”Major :”Excellent! We can attack in any direction!!”Attitude decides our life!Only attitude matters. Just a minute ago...

Be a leader

We are living in a world of followers. These people are looking for someone who can show them the path to go on. Start something and...

Who’s making money?

Two types of people make lot of money, first type includes those who work in conventional fields but better than everyone else in that field and...

Dont waste ideas

If you have some better idea then never waste it in hurry. Think for a while, make strategy, try to create a masterpiece than execute.