How to Make your Windows Boot Faster

This software is not available now. Its really frustrating if it takes a long time for our computer to boot. When you install windows first it starts in no time but later it slows up with usage. Why? Its...
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Who signed up on facebook because of you

For a long period I have been on facebook and I have forgotten how I first reached facebook. I dont remember who invited me to facebook or I myself typed the web address. Like me most of you might also...
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How to Setup Windows Livewriter for WordPress Blog

In my previous post I wrote about using windows livewriter to write to and update blogs. Setting up livewriter to post to blogger blogs is somewhat easy but whet it comes to wordpress blogs when we try...
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Taking Screenshot

Screen shot simply means taking a photograph of computer screen. Its very easy but lots of newbies find it difficult to take screenshot . There are few different ways to take screen shot: 1. Most easy...
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Partitioning hard disk in vista.

As I have written in my previous post I have got a new laptop. Its comes with microsoft windows vista preloaded. While surfing on the web I came to know that microsoft has made available windows 7 RC1...
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