Worse, good or better?

I was talking to someone a while ago about a guy who has done his MS in ENT and is now doing a job. The person I was talking to is kind of impressed with that guy.
Its needed to be told here that ENT is not a branch most of the guys prefer to opt. Almost every time the reason for opting ENT is not having any other choice.
I dont have any problem with ENT or any other branch. But getting impressed with someone who has done compromise rather than working to get something better is not a good thing. If we get impressed with someone, we start to follow them.Doing compromises can not be considered intelligency most of the time.
There are always things better than good. Few people like to work, rather then accepting what thez are offered, to get what they want and a person who is not compromising and working hard to get something he want (or deserve) is not a fool. Actually hard working people are the ones to be impressed with and followed.
Its an old english proverb “Look for perfection but settle for excellence”. Perfection can not be reached but settling for less than excellence can not be blamed on conditions. It is only result of laziness or lack of hard work or mental/physical disability or wrong decision (as in my case, i should not have entered medical field at all 😉 ).



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