Learning HTML

I was thinking to read a book to improve my HTML skills for very long period and finally i bought a book “Head first HTML with CSS & XHTML” by Elisabeth Freemen and Eric Freeman. I have...
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How to make a browser toolbar

How to build a browser toolbar? The question arised in my mind 2 days ago and being a medical student i didn’t had a clue how that can be achieved. I started searching for it on google and found...
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Google ad manager and Pubmatic

Long back when google launched their ad manager service i thought about using it to deliver proper ads on my websites. But with time i forgot about it. Yesterday i again thought of doing so and i googled...
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This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing.
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Some Pics

First picture I took by using my new nokia N72 and the last 2 are its modifications which i have by using its inbuilt picture editor. The original pic is from a print of a bed sheet. The nokia editor has...
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